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"We know its the

beautiful game,

so play beautiful,

let your skills be free &

freestyle it up!"



WOODYS PROFILE... Woodys stats
Home Town: Paul Wood
London

-Nokia phone shoot, stills advertisement.

-Castrol 2008 Euro Sponsors - performences in Malaga, Alicante, Athens, Sweeden and Geneva.

-Freestyling in Switzerland for a soccer academy and Procter & Gamble.

-Freestyling for Sky's Bet 365 adverts.

-Freestyling for major online coaching website.

-Freestyling for Crystal Palace in South London.

-Freestyle performance in Switzerland for Athletican.

-Freestyle performance in Switzerland for ice hockey club Geneva Servette in front of a full crowd of 8000.

-Freestyling in Sutton for the shopping centre.

--Freestyling at Arsenals training ground for an O2 corporate event.

-Shot new freestyle DVD which Woody presents at Arsenals training ground and the streets of Southampton.

-Sky Sports advert with James Nesbitt.

-Woody has appeared on MTV for his recent feature film 'In the Hands of the Gods' as well as BBC London, BBC Breakfast, Channel 5 News, The Paul O'Grady Show, Soccer AM, Premier League World, Football Mundial, My Movied.NET, Sky Movies News, Premier League Allstars and Nut TV.

-Woody has also been on Radio shows like BBC London, Talk Sport, Radio 1 XFM and  Radio 5 Live.

-Woodys press coverage during this time has been in Nuts and Zoo Magazine, Daily Mirror, Star and Telegraph. Evening Standard, The Gaurdian, 4-4-2 Magazine, The Big Issue to name but a few.

-Woodys film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and had its UK premier at the Odeon Leicester Square for the biggest red carpet event ever, for a documantary.

-Launch of Englands number 1 Paul Robinsons Football Academy.

-Cameo appearance in a play at the Hornchurch Theatre.

-DVD release of 'Freestyle Footbal Tricks' with  Paul 'Woody' Wood. Which Woody wrote and presented himself.

-Half time performances at Birmingham Vs West Ham, at Wembly... England Vs Ireal, Sunderland Vs Liverpool.

-Woody performed for the Charity Shield in front of 90,000 viewing fans and Chelsea Vs Manchester United.

-Corporate event in Southampton.

-Corporate event in Surrey.

-Nokia corporate event performance in central London.

-Launch of internet site in Shorditch.

-Shoot for Uefa for thier training ground section amongst top pros such as Deco and Ronaldinho etc.

-Feestyling at Highbury for Barclays.

-Freestyling for  Real Madrid and England superstar

David Beckham at  'The David Beckham Acadamy'.

-Pilot  for freestyle film 'In search of Diago' (Maradona).

-Performance at Arsenal football club for FHM.

-Performance at Arsenal football club for Coca Cola.

-Coca Cola tour around England for the World Cup.

-Freestyling in Warrington for Golden Square.

-Performed in Cardiff at a big corporate event for Domino's Pizza.

-Siluette for Sky Sports programme 'Play Ball'.

-Corporate on stage performance in Germany for the world


-Featured in Arsenals official Magazine.

-Freestyling at half time during Chealea Vs Arsenal at Stanford Bridge for Samsung.

-Freestyling at half time during Chealea Vs Aston Villa at Stanford Bridge for Lucozade.

-Tricks with Wayne Rooney on 'Coca-Cola Wayne Rooney


-Freestyling for Chelsea in Spain at Marbella Paradise of


-Freestyling in Glasgow for the Scotttish CIS Cup.

-Various Nike adverts as body doubles to perform tricks.

-Sky promotion at Barclaycard Head Quarters.

-Different kinds of promotions for Arsenal FC.

-Promotion in Nike Town for the Nike freestyler Competition.

-Trick work for feature film 'Goal'.

-Featured in 'Four Four Two' magazine.

-Arsenal Match day programmes throughout the season.

-'Ok' magazine.

-Linde truck company exhibition and performance in the NEC


-Corporate event in Sheffield.

-Corporate event in Chester.

-Promoting Orange mobile phones around the country.

-O2 mobile phones launch.

-Coca-Cola promotions at head office.

-Net Busters promotions around the counrty.

-Keepy Uppy promotions around the country.

-Dagenham town show.

-Celebrity launch for Holmes Place.

-Middlesex Football Festival performance.

-Playing/Freestyling at celebrity football matches.

-Playing/Freestyling at Soccer Six celebrity


-Half time performances at all Dream Team and

Arsenal Ex-pro and celebrity matches.

-Teenage Kicks event.

-Starred as 'Sean Mcquire' for Top Hat TV Drama

Production Co. In addition to several other minor roles.

-Freestyling in Chester for Nike.

-Freestyling in the QE2 Conference Centre for a

corporate event.

-Freestyling in Ireland for  an exhibition.

-Freestyling in Northampton for 3 Mobile.

-Freestyling at Highbury for a corporate event.

-Freestyling at  Spurs for the first team and legends

club dinner.

-Shot Freestyle Film 'In search of Diago' (Maradona). Travelled from New York to Buenes Ares to meet his idol.

-Whilst shooting 'In search of Diago' Woody performed in Times Square, Nevada Smiths, The Rockafella Centre and many bars and clubs in New York, Washington, Memphis and Dallas (half time performance for soccer club F.C. Dallas in front of 20,000 supporters). Mexico City, Acapulco, Guatamala, Brazils Sao Paulo and Rio De Janero. Then finally onto Argentinas Buenos Ares where Woody freestyled on two of the biggest live TV shows.

-Promotion for Sony Ericsson in Cheshire and Rotherham in

the O2 Headquarters.

-Launch for the new Adidas world cup football in Germany.

-Freestyling in Birminham for Lucozade promotion.




You can catch Woody at most Arsenal ex professional and celebrity matches where he plays with mates such as 'The Royal Family' Ralph Little, Arsenals ex pro Paul Davis, rugby star Martin Offiah, snooker champion Ronnie O'Sulivan, Tony Hadley (Spandeau Ballet) and Eastenders Gary Beadle (Paul Truman) to name a few.


In the feature film 'In the hands of the gods' which you can download or buy from any good retailer. This film became the biggest release of a documentary in the UK, coming out on over 100 cinemas, as well as having a red carpet Leicester Square premier.


You can see Woody on many of his tutorials on training ground,  where he breaks down amazing moves which the pros perform in matches, to show you exactly how its done amongst many other things that he does for Uefa on their site.


"The Woody" is Paul Woods trademark and signature move.    All rights reserved.